How to upload a Theme for Blogger in 2021

Upload a Theme for Blogger:

If you are struggling with how to install the Blogger theme,  this post for beginners can help you get started quickly. Blogger has many templates to use. Certainly, adding/installing a custom Blogger guide isn’t as sophisticated as you’ve thought. In fact, these are pretty simple steps to perform. And in this tutorial, I will guide you on how to a Blogger template without any mistakes. So, let’s start.                                                                                          

Blogger theme

Blogger theme

Step1Choose the template

You can choose any free blogger template from chrome. There are many blogger templates are available in chrome. You must have to observe here a zip folder, just unzip it.




Step 2: Unzip the file:   

Now inside the extracted package, you shall see a file with a .xml extension. However, it can be named anything for instance, “template.xml”. Keep in mind that the name of the template can be anything.




  Step 3: Log in to Blogger Dashboard

Now you need to login into your Blogger account using your Blogger login credentials and head to the dashboard.



     To browse your template, navigate to the upper right corner and click on the Ellipsis and choose the Restore option from the popup window   



          Now choose your XML file here like I have chosen my ‘main.xml. file here



  And now click on the Upload button to start browsing your template from your computer. Ellipsis → Restore → Upload



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