How to Enable Fast Edit Pencil in Posts? 2021

 Enable Fast Edit Pencil in Blogger Posts

The pencil icon provides a link to edit our blog posts while seeing blog pages in our browser. This performance is sometimes a gift in Blogger’s default templates. However, if you’ve got customized your template or are employing a non-standard template, you’ll notice this function is missing from your blog pages.

Enable Fast Edit Pencil

Enable Fast Edit Pencil

A journal Administrator will edit any printed post from a similar page instead of looking out it through the Blogger dashboard. In some customized journal templates. Its possibility is missing because of the designer’s mistake or the cognitive content of this feature. let’s see how to enable the quick pencil.


  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and click on the left side at the Layout


     2.  You have to seek out the choice name “Blog Post“.

3. You’ll be able to notice this on Main Posts Heading.

4. Click on the “Edit” Button-Down Below.

5. Then open the pop-menu

6. Find the possibility name “Show fast Editing”.


7. Click and check that Enable/ possibility.

8. Click Save Button.

9. See your post that the feature is enabled or not.

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