Choose a Theme for your Blogger in 2021

Choose Theme for Blogger

If you are struggling with how to install the theme,  this post for beginners can help you get started quickly. Blogger has many templates to use. Certainly, adding/installing a custom Blogger guide isn’t as refined as you’ll have thought. I am telling you that how to upload a theme to the blogger.


Blogger allows a user to create a user ID. Depending on the username and password, the user will create a special link called “”. This space can be saved as a marker and published to the public via a distribution list or to selected individuals.



Your site is registered as a form of “webring” if you decide to give information to the public. You can see all users who have posted such articles to post comments on the articles if you agree with them. Now follow these steps which are given below:


1. Click on the Theme menu item on the left side


2. Then select the theme of your choice from the many available options. 

     People get a preview of it before applying.

3. Choose everyone Theme which you select and upload it on your Blog.


4.     Click on HTML to change your menu

5.     Click for one time, then press ctrl+F and find your menus

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